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Chronicles of the Tessilari

Tessili Academy

When Jey uncovers the terrible secret of Tessili Academy, she and her tessila must escape before her keepers decide it's too dangerous for her to continue living.

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Tessili Rogue

Alone and friendless in a world hostile to her tessila, Jey—formerly of Tessili Academy—meets a mysterious stranger whose offer of help must be too good to be true.

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Tessili Revenge

When Jey suddenly finds herself drawn into a war with an ancient evil, she must decide if she values her newfound loyalty to the Tessilari over her thirst for revenge.

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Annals of the Brinlocks

Brinlin Isle

Marim, a young Tessilar, travels to Cynnes Tarth and meets a boy whose life she can save only by uncovering the long forgotten secret of the island's magic.

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Brinlin Forest

Marim has uncovered a forgotten source of magic, but some on Cynnes Tarth would prefer to bury the truth again, and Marim and her tessila along with it.

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Brinlin Cove

Having awakened the dormant magic of the mountain and revealed the Brinlocks to the world, Marim must defend Cynnes Tarth against the coming storm.

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