Hi, I’m Robin

I spend a lot of time writing fiction, but the posts on this website are a little different.

Back when the internet was innocent, I was a prolific contributor. I had multiple blogs and social profiles and email newsletters. I was a regular reader of other websites and participant in a community of commenters and content-makers.

But some time around the moment everyone started caring more about making money than connecting, the magic started to fade. Producing content became a chore instead of a pleasure. I posted less. All my favorite blogs went dormant. One day, I realized it had been years since I published anything on a regular basis.

Last year, I began a writing exercise. The idea was to craft a daily vignette of observation and thought. After doing that for a bit, I stopped. But then I decided to begin again, and to share the writing here.

I publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Posts always appear here on my website. If you’d like to receive posts via email, you can send me a message. I’ll put you on my list.

Latest Post

  • I remind myself of miracles. Glass that lets the sunlight spill into my house. Art on the walls. The warmth I can turn on and off with a tap on a screen. The colorful ceramic mug, shaped by the hands of someone I never met. The dark brew inside made of beans grown half a world away, shipped here and roasted while still fresh enough to release the flavor I enjoy so much.

    It is so much easier to attend to our sorrows. But joy is here too.

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