I'm excited to announce robinstephen.com has just received a little face lift. This was done in preparation for the upcoming release of the Brinlin Isle, the first book in my new trilogy.

Featured on my new home page, you will see a snippet of a map of Bydaira. Bydara is the world of the Tessili books, where the Brinlin series will take place as well. The full map will be included in Brinlin Isle, as well as a map of Cynnes Tarth, the island where Marim ends up after leaving Masidon.

These maps also give a little glimpse of what's to come. The complete works of Bydaria (when they are finished), will include in total four slim trilogies like those already out, and one rather more epic trilogy.

It's a big world, with a very big story that's just beginning to unfold. I'm excited to see this second installment reaching readers. Thanks for joining me for the exploration!