Tessili Revenge - Excerpt

October 13, 2015

First Mage Otha sat in her private greenhouse, chair oriented so the unbroken sunlight poured through the windows onto her face. The day was young. Though the dry wind carried a sharp edge as it blew down from the frosted peaks, here among the brillbane the air was warm.

Still, Otha had a woolen blanket spread across her lap. It seemed she was never quite warm anymore. She supposed such were the consequences of living for over 400 years.

There was a rustling near the entryway, and a murmur of voices. First Mage Otha suppressed a sigh. She had agreed, again, to meet with High Mage Agina, even though they both knew their conversation would doubtless play out in a manner no different from all the times before.

Otha composed herself. She sat a little straighter in her chair, trying to draw optimism and strength from the gentle warmth of the sunbeam. Grip, sensing her anxiety, fluttered over from his favorite brillbane perch to settle on his preferred spot on the back of her right hand. He glanced up, his black eyes shrewd and a little worried.

Tessili Rogue - Excerpt

June 04, 2015

Ever since he’d been a boy, Lokim had wanted to leave the Valley of Mist.

As a child, he’d tested the boundaries. He would make forays into the gray, swirling fog that encircled the valley. He’d keep going as his vision went soft, until the air grew muffled and chill. As the world faded from view his heart would begin to pound with fear. He would turn back when he was one step away from losing his memory of which direction led home.

When he’d been older, he’d made a more serious attempt. One bright day he’d slipped into the fog and begun to walk. He’d moved ahead with determination, going further than he’d ever gone before. He’d walked and walked, certain with every step he’d make it, that the air would clear and he’d see … he’d see the world.

Except, he hadn’t. After marching forward for an hour, he’d thought the fog seemed thinner. He’d hurried ahead, eyes, straining, only to find himself emerging from the mists in the precise spot he’d entered them. High Mage Agina had been waiting for him, eyes flinty, firm mouth set in a hard line.

Lokim had known better than to try again.

Tessili Academy - Excerpt

December 17, 2014

Frane and Balist strode through the quad, the sunlight falling on their faces, glinting off the silver threads spun into their robes. Around them, the academy was alive with life. Flowering hedges grew along every walkway, attracting tessili that darted around the blooms like bright, delicate jewels.

Balist walked with his hands clasped behind his back, feeling pleased with his surroundings. Surely, the campus had not been so well tended in centuries. Ever since he’d arrived here five years ago, he’d seen to the gardens with particular devotion. And it showed.

The two men reached the murmuring central fountain. Balist paused for a moment to regard the shimmering shapes of the golden fish that shifted beneath the dancing surface of the water.

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