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Cynnes Tarth has a secret

Brinlin Isle

Introducing Annals of the Brinlocks, the second trilogy in the world of Bydaira.

The island people have forgotten what lies within the fog, but they do remember to be careful.

Don't let the children play too much in warmlake. Don't go into the forest. Most of all, don't show any interest in the brinlins that live among the reeds. But Marim, a young Tessilari stranded among these people, doesn't know the rules. In hopes of establishing herself as a healer, she agrees to help Tassin, a boy with the hunger, doomed to die. When she recognizes his affliction for what it is, she must deduce what no one can tell her if she hopes to save his life.

Brinlin Isle
Brinlin Forest
Brinlin Cove

coming in 2016

current projects

Well of Trades (working title)

standalone novel

12,500 of 70,000 words

A Man Who Heals

Stefani Wilder novel

50,000 of 90,000 words

Heir of Iron

standalone novel

55,000 of 120,000 words

Drawchilde Sequel (working title)

Draw Trilogy: Book II

82,000 of 200,000 words

Drawchilde (working title)

Draw Trilogy: Book I

complete at 200,000 words

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Begin at the Beginning

The world of Bydaira is a place of buried secrets, forgotten history, and long suppressed magic, but the forces that have been lying dormant for centuries won’t be contained much longer.

Tessili Academy

When Jey uncovers the terrible secret of the school of magic where she's being held, she and her tessila must escape before her keepers realize what she knows and decide it's too dangerous for her to continue living.

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Tessili Academy Cover

The tension kept building, characters developed and the mystery got deeper."

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